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Muira Puama, C/S - Wild Harvested

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Botanical name: Ptychopetalum olacoides
Origin: Brazil
Ingredients:  wild harvested Muira pauma c/s

Muira puama has been traditionally used by indigenous people of Amazon to increase energy and to
 improve sexual function (
psychological and physical aspects of libido), menstrual cramps and PMS. It has been widely used as an aphrodisiac by both men and women, and is commonly known as "potent wood".

It has been also traditionally known as a nerve tonic, Amazonian natives use it to prepare remedies for treating various central nervous system conditions, including those associated with aging. It may be helpful in Alzheimer’s disease and conditions of poor memory.
Recommended use
: add to freshly boiled water, cover and let steep for 20 minutes. Use, 1 Tbsp per cup of water. Combining it with Damiana leaf tea may enhance its aphrodisiac effect. 

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