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Guayusa Leaf Tea - Organic

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Ingredients: Certified Organic Guayusa Leaf
Origin: Ecuador
Botanical name: Ilex guayusa

Guayusa leaf tea is an herbal tea made from the dried leaves of a certain type of holly tree, traditionally brewed by the Incan cultures of Ecuador and known for its stimulating effects.

Our Guayusa leaves are handpicked from thriving, shade-grown rainforests, providing a naturally rich source of antioxidants and sustained energy, perfect for a vibrant and revitalizing experience.

Guayusa naturally contains caffeine and theobromine, providing a balanced energy boost without the jitters often associated with coffee. It's a great choice for sustained alertness. 

Guayusa also contains saponins and polyphenolic compounds found to help protect against chronic disease.

Notes: Smooth & lightly herbaceous, without tannins or bitterness and a slight grassy aroma.

Brewing recommendation: Use 1-2 teaspoons of Guayusa leaves for each cup of water, adjusting to your taste preference.
Bring fresh cold water to a boil, add the Guayusa leaves to the pot. Steep for *5-7 minutes. After steeping, strain to remove the leaves.

*Guayusa leaves are quite flexible when it comes to steeping time. You can adjust the steeping time to achieve the flavour and strength you prefer.
Guayusa leaves are also often boiled to extract their flavours.

Optional flavourings: Add honey, lemon, or other herbs like mint to enhance the flavour of the tea.

Tip: Guayusa can be enjoyed hot or cold. It's often used as a base for various herbal blends and can be a great addition to your daily tea routine.

Some benefits may include:
  • Strengthening the digestion and immune system.
  • Cleans the teeth and may help boost oral health thanks to its antioxidant levels.
  • May aid in weight loss efforts.
  • Naturally increasing energy levels.

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